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Should I stay in New York City? Should I even stay in the arts? These are two major questions that many artists in New York struggle with over the course of their careers. For MADE HERE’s final issue, we look at how performing artists have answered these questions and what factors have kept them not only in the arts, but also in New York City.

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New Careers

Leaving NYC

Working outside of NYC

What drew you to NYC


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episode 2: in NYC

New York is one of the most expensive and exhausting cities to live in, yet it continues to be the home for hundreds of thousands of performing artists. The artists in this episode explain what has kept them in New York City and what has made them consider leaving. 

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If the 1% Stifles New York’s Creative Talent, I’m Out of Here

An article about how New York is becoming a more business based city and slowly losing its creative side and pushing artists out.

Lena Dunham is Right About Rents Driving Artists Out of New York City

An article about why rent is rising in New York and how it is driving artists further and further outside the city.

Young Artists: Don’t Move to NYC

An article about how NYC has changed for young artists, how artists themselves are causing rents to rise and how some artists are choosing to move to other cities.

I Used to Love Her, But I Had to Flee Her: On Living in New York

A writer discusses his experiences living and working in New York and what it was like once he finally left.

Living in New York City on a Modest Budget

Financial advice for artists moving to New York City.

Don’t Move to New York

An article by Paddy Johnson, New York art critic and founder of Art F City blog, about what it is like for young artists moving to New York City.

David Byrne: Will Work For Inspiration

David Byrne of the Talking Heads discusses how it is becoming increasingly more difficult for young artists in New York.

David Byrne Understand Why There’s No Room For Young Artists in New York

A response to David Byrne’s article about how despite the changes New York has gone through many young artists choose to stay.

On Moving to New York and Being Who You Say You Are

A young writer’s experience moving to New York and meeting other young, struggling artists.

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The Actor’s Fund: New York Subsidizing Housing

A list of databases that can help artists find affordable housing in all five boroughs.

Performing Artists Resource Database

A collection of residency, fellowship and space granting programs for performing artists.

NYC Performing Arts Spaces

Powered by Fractured atlas this site help artists find afford studio space to buy or rent.

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Right Here NYC

A database that lists actors, musicians, artists and writers who have lived in NYC and where they lived in the city.

Still Kicking: Aging Performing Artists in NYC and LA Metro Areas

A study on aging performing artists, 62 and above, in LA and NYC. The study covers income, health insurance, legacy, retirement, career satisfaction and much more.

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New Careers

Have you ever considered leaving the arts to pursue a different career? If so, what other career?

  • Cibely said:

    he was glad to see that Senators Raymond Lesniak and Kip Bateman are moving fwoarrd boldly with hearings on Senate Bill 1, which seeks to abolish the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) and create a fair plan to meet affordable housing goals. Kean noted the move comes after New Jerseye28099s unemployment rose to 10.1 percent in December e28093 higher than the national average and the highest level in 33 years.        e2809cSo-called e28098affordablee28099 housing rules are blocking development at a time when New Jersey desperately needs the jobs these projects should create,e2809d Senator Kean said. e2809cThese rules also will force towns to raise property taxes to pay for housing that may not be needed at a time when New Jersey property taxes are already the highest in the nation.e2809d         Senator Kean said he will work with his colleagues on a bipartisan basis to get the best bill possible, including provisions that would let towns include affordable housing built before the state established law and rules on affordable housing in the 1980s.        e2809cTowns that were proactive and built affordable housing for residents before it was required by law are punished by these unfair rules,e2809d Senator Kean said. e2809cAny complete reform effort must allow towns to take such housing into account when determining new requirements for housing construction.e2809dfe0

    04/07 - 01:15 PM

  • Lional said:

    6b6From the NYT:THE tallest, e2809cTrumpieste2809d cimodnonium in New Jersey e28094 the 55-story Trump Plaza Jersey City e28094 hit the market two years ago, just as economic forces aligned to hamper its success.Dean S. Geibel, a managing partner of Metro Homes, then an exceedingly busy builder on the e2809cGold Coast,e2809d had the Donald from across the river lend his name and label to an ambitious plan for two mammoth residential towers that were to become the tallest in the state. They would swagger on the Jersey skyline, luring luxury-level bargain-hunters from Manhattan and pied-c3a0-terre seekers from all over the world; that was the plan.But the plan changed. The second tower was put on e2809cindefinite delaye2809d as work on the first was still being completed.Today the lone Trump building stands about half full, with 239 of its 443 units sold. Only a handful of sales have occurred in the year since the housing market and Wall Street meltdowns. And in August, after Metro Homes defaulted on payment of its construction loans, iStar Financial took over ownership of the building. It has since hired the real estate company Coalco to devise plans for a e2809crelaunch.e2809diStar has reportedly suffered widespread losses on real estate investments e28094 another being an Asbury Park beachfront redevelopment project, whose master developer also defaulted on loan payments. The Roseland Property Company is now representing iStare28099s interests in Asbury Park, working with officials to scale back and reconfigure redevelopment plans.f2a

    04/07 - 01:55 PM

  • Xatire said:

    The reports call for, among other tginhs, cutbacks, shifting responsibilities, hirings and firings, closing state facilities. They also recommend ways to encourage economic growth, including tax cuts for businesses and providing tax credits to encourage investments.It calls for better coordination of all housing programs and finds that key divisions such as Local Government Services, Fire Safety, Codes & Standards and the Urban Enterprise Zone Authority are understaffed.The report calls for ethics training for all non-profit agencies that receive DCA aid, the department play a greater role in encouraging shared local government services, something Christie supports, as a way to help cut property taxes, and for major technology improvements.The panel calls for a 90-day freeze on all actions by the state Council on Affordable Housing, and finds there is no constitutional obligation for such a state agency to exist. Consider change in COAH’s leadership,e28098’ the report states.  The subcommittee did not receive specific complaints about specific individuals within COAH, but COAH has veered off course from the intent and purpose originally given to it by the legislature.

    04/08 - 05:52 AM

  • Bam said:

    From the Star Ledger:The policy burpelint for the Christie administration reads as follows: A state government that does less, but does it better.A raft of transition reports released today provides a glimpse into Gov. Chris Christiee28099s options as he inherits a state he calls broke,  with suggestions ranging from consolidating or eliminating some agencies to freezing salaries for public employees and teachers.Prisoners could be double-bunked in their jail cells. School construction projects could be halted mid-stream. Some state-run facilities for children and the disabled could be shuttered. Subsidies could dry up for horse racing and New Jersey Network. And 27 people working for state authorities could lose their salaries, which are higher than the governore28099s. The reportse28099 language is by turns scathing and sympathetic to the outgoing Corzine administration, but consistently describes a state that is technologically backward and either understaffed or poorly staffed. They mirror major themes of Christiee28099s campaign, especially the need to change New Jerseye28099s reputation as hostile to business growth e28094 though environmentalists read it as a retreat from critical protections.

    04/08 - 06:02 AM

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    12/24 - 03:38 PM

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