Welcome to the third issue of Season 2! MADE HERE explores the impact of $$$ on the lives of performing artists. The first episode explores the concept of the value of artists: are artists recognized as legitimate members of the workforce? Then, we hear about business strategies artists have developed to support their work. Finally, artists share the strange and sometimes hilarious things they have done to raise money for their projects.


The three episodes for this issue are: Value, Strategy, and Getting It. 

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Season 2 Episode Feedback

Artist as Worker

Strictly Business

Outrageous Fundraising


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Give us a personal example of when you felt your work as an artist was valued or not valued. What is the strangest thing you have done to raise money for your projects?

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episode 1: Value

Most performing artists would agree: you don’t go into the arts to make money. But are artists exploiting themselves by accepting low pay and undervaluing their own work? The value of art cannot be measured in dollar signs, but at some point, the artist needs to get paid. How they decide what their art is worth is another story. 

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Supply Demand

NEA Chairman Rocco Landesman on supply and demand in the nonprofit arts sector.

Calling All Artists, Whoever You Are

Wall St. Journal article on the challenges of identifying working artists for census purposes.

Notes on Generosity in the Theater

Polly Carl on perceptions of scarcity and abundance in theatre.

The Arts, The Work and the Gift Economy

From Culturebot, an essay on arts funding and “gatekeepers” of the arts.

Why Should We Pay Artists More?

This Culturebot blog questions the economics of art-making and whether artists should be paid more.

Accusations Of Fraud In Chase Community Giving Contest On Facebook

Huffington Post article on the controversy surrounding Chase Bank’s Community Giving contest.

Massive cutbacks in arts funding by US companies, governments

An article about the calamities of US arts funding and where cuts are being felt.

Living the Starving Artist Life

An article in the Gothamist with advice on living as an artist in New York.

To MFA or not to MFA?

Examining whether or not MFA theatre programs are worth the time and cost.

Fleeing Artists

From Crains New York Business an article on how many artists are fleeing New York in such of a realistic and affordable lifestyle.

Jazz Beyond Jazz - Arts funding disparities show philanthropists' priorities

An article on how smaller organizations can suffer when it comes to philanthropy.

New York Times - Arts Groups Use Twitter to Compete for Grant

Leading arts organizations feel driven to compete on Twitter for grants.

Military Marching Bands

NPR reports on the amount of money spent every year on military marching bands.

Art Work

A national conversation about art, work and economics.

Successful Fundraising for Arts Cultural Organizations

Insights into today's best fundraising strategies for arts and cultural organizations from fundraising experts Karen Brooks Hopkins of the Brooklyn Academy of Music and Carolyn Stolper Friedman of the Contemporary Museum of Art in Chicago.

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Creative Capital

National nonprofit organization that supports artists across disciplines with financial and advisory support.

The Foundation Center

Leading national nonprofit service organization that connects grantmakers, philanthropists and nonprofits.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

A bi-monthly magazine and valuable news source for charity leaders, fundraisers, and grant-makers in the US.

Grantmakers in the Arts

National association of private and public funders of artists and arts organizations.

National Endowment for the Arts

An independent agency of the United States federal government that offers support and funding for arts and culture.

New York Foundation for the Arts

Resources for New York artists and art organizations. Information, services, grants, awards, and fiscal sponsorship.

NYSCA - The Theatre Program

Production and development support to professional theatre companies.

NYC Department of Consumer Affairs

Financial counseling and workshops for working artists and arts administrators. Focus on reducing debt and managing credit.

NYC Department of Cultural Affairs

The Department of Cultural Affairs offers grants to non-profit cultural institutions, and free art supplies to public school arts education programs through it’s Materials for the Arts program.

Actors Checklist

An extensive list of grant programs offering funding in the visual and performing arts and creating writing, with a focus on funding for individuals.

A.R.T New York

Supporting the work and development of nearly 300 member theatre companies. Services include: shared office and rehearsal spaces, a revolving loan fund for real estate, and technical assistance programs for emerging theatres.

Franklin Furnace

Advocating for avant-garde art! Grants and support for emerging avant-garde artists.

Women Arts

A list of grant programs eligible for women in the arts.


A web-based fundraising strategy for creative projects and start-ups.


An international alternative to Kickstarter!

International Funding

A list of international funding programs for artists. Opportunities for travel, touring, study, and cultural exchange.

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Funding and Managing Arts Organizations

Resources for managers of arts organizations on how to reach new audiences and build financial support for their institutions.

Finance For Artists

Financial tools for artists.

Economic Impact Arts

A selection of reports by ArtsFund about the arts and their economic impact.

Artist Help Network

Caroll Michels based this website and advice network on her book "How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist: Selling Yourself without Selling Your Soul."

How America Funds the Arts

A detailed report from the National Endowment of the Arts on the sources of funding for the arts in the United States.

Arts Funding Response and Readiness Kit

A support kit by Americans for the Arts with information on how to survive the economic crisis.

Artists in the Workforce 2000-2005

A report by the National Endowment of the Arts with key findings on the representation of different artists in the workforce in the United States.

Artists in the Workforce 1999-2009

Key statistics on the number of artists in the workforce and their employment rates.

Art Economy

A vast resource for artists working in the recession. Includes hidden benefits of the recession, and how to create and work within a difficult economy.

Jumper - Diane Ragsdale on what the arts do and why.

Diane Ragsdale's blog about the arts and economy, based on her Ph.D. research on cultural economics.

Arts and Economy

A 2009 study on how States can use arts and culture to stimulate their economic development.

Theatre Facts

A breakdown of statistics from professional and non profit theatres in the United States. Includes data on salaries, budgets, attendance and openings.

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Season 2 Episode Feedback

What did you think about the episodes?

  • Pete McCabe said:

    “in creating art one get’s the benefit of being looked at, but also the responsability of telling the truth”  Someone much smarter than me said that.
    In the short story Hellscreen, it shows what someone is willing to do to tell that truth as he sees it.  It ends up killing him.  I don’t think you have to die to tell the truth, but its personal toll can have ramifications far beyond one’s expectations; even to the disolution of the self.  Creating art is about more than not being paid well.  What “truth” is… is seemingly undefinable.

    03/05 - 06:40 PM

  • Gabriela Poma said:

    Am just getting through the new videos. Wonderful and so inspiring. This angle: the daily life of an artist.  No one gets to see the difficulty, the hard work, they things given up for art. And to get a glimpse at the intimate parts of their lives is such a privilege.

    03/14 - 02:32 AM

  • laura peterson said:

    About labels and identity: Young Jean Lee’s comment was really gratifying and made me think that a label can be something one earns. It can reflect an amount of discipline and focus in one’s work that leads to a title. Playwright. Choreographer. Whatever it is, which is not to say that it cannot be a blend or a new term, but that it can have weight and purpose and structure.

    03/29 - 08:56 PM

  • Soon-Young Yoon said:

    Love the trailer for the madehere project. Looking forward to more…so important a contribution to history.

    04/07 - 12:05 AM

  • Cheri Magid said:

    I have been loading up on watching made here and am totally addicted. It’s so reassuring to hear others talk of the same things that you deal with and encouraging to see the ways different people live as artists.

    04/07 - 12:06 AM

  • Alex Zafiris said:

    I watched the latest Made Here series. I love the new categorization themes—identity, labels… such a great idea.

    04/07 - 12:08 AM

  • Oscar said:

    You did not work on it, or can’t do it.I work in the US for 5 years and back and work in a world class Ads agency in Thailand. I have seen and works on a lot of stuff. I agree Thai peolpe and AE care too much about stylize. I make me sick everyday I hear their comment. They have not idea about design fundamental. Totally opposite when I work in the US, they strongly care about design principle no matter what projects are. All Typography are well structure, never let any un-editing work out to clint hand, because it show how civilize they are as a real professional not a student work.

    08/21 - 05:34 PM

  • Jaime said:

    An Arts ThinkTank: This is exactly what an Arts Council shloud be. I’m sure you’ve noticed how often the Fraser Institute is cited on various issues. Do we ever here from the BC Arts Council? A Vancouver City Arts Council could be a powerful voice, but only if it’s made up of fearless, intelligent, and energetic advocates for the arts in all economic and social sectors.

    08/22 - 02:44 AM

  • Kyomi said:

    How beautiful that you caeutrpd history and beauty of the island.  I remember loving Hanappepe and want to get back there soon.  Meanwhile, am overjoyed with the opportunity to hang out withCherise et al.  Cheers for the beautiful photos.

    08/22 - 07:27 AM

  • Anggita said:

    Funny week.  When I checked in last week, I meenointd feeling disconnected, so I was glad to see this week being about connection. I didn’t think that this week’s exercises were that useful, but I do have to say that I am feeling much more connected again, and much more positive about my creative pursuits.  Weird.

    08/22 - 04:04 PM

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  • Lululemon said:

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  • Duru said:

    I’m not sure that I see desecrating as a pracitularly “evil”, but overall I agree with your general sentiment. The WBC clearly isn’t in this to convert anyone to their worldview (nor are the random biblical ranters that set up shop in the middle of college campuses); nor is anyone going to be pracitularly successful at changing their minds, so staging some sort of angry rally against them seems futile. Acknowledging them, mocking them, and not getting too riled up against them seems like the right approach.Glad you had fun!

    02/20 - 01:00 PM

  • Danni said:

    shout out to kaepernick. he rersepents true male masculinity for young men around the world. he brought some big positivity back the kappa alpha psi. that Nathaniel Gay dude almost single handedly destroy the image of the fraternity. I’m not greek or anything, but I was afraid for you guys lol

    10/16 - 02:17 AM

  • Pewist said:

    wow this is just about the worst article ever, and I alerday went into it not liking amanda very much unfortunately for your point, your writing and awful combination of slurs/bigotry totally turned me off to your point, and now I feel more inclined to side with HER than you.

    12/24 - 03:27 PM

  • Govind said:

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    12/24 - 05:28 PM

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