Welcome to the fifth and final issue of Season 2! MADE HERE explores the concept of home. In the first episode, we hear about how artists chose to come to New York and what they discovered upon arrival. The second episode looks at how artists create connections with each other and with their communities to define a sense of belonging. Finally, artists talk about why they think New York is the creative cauldron of the world.


The three episodes for this issue are: Arriving, Belonging, and NYC.

Discussion Topics


Defining Home

NYC – Take/Leave


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What is your earliest memory of New York or another city where you live and work? Is there anything you would change about New York or another city where you live and work?

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episode 2: Belonging

In this city of shifting populations and constant influx, where housing prices are always going up, and gentrification feels inevitable, "belonging" is a deeply personal, and subjective state-of-mind. In this episode, our artists wrestle with this concept of belonging. To belong here is to have a connection not only to a place, but also to a community of artists that sustain and support each other’s work. 

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Calling Yourself A New Yorker

What distinguishes New Yorkers from those merely passing through.

Mapping Gentrification

Multimedia artist Sarah Nelson Wright’s project "LOCATIONS DISLOCATIONS" maps New Yorkers as they move to different addresses around the city.

One in 8 Million

New York Times audio slideshow explores the lives of people who make New York City home.

Basil Twist: Puppet Renaissance Man

From Time Out New York Basil Twist on arts and energy in New York City.

Perfecting the Art of Frugal Living in NYC

Artists living the cheap life in NYC. It can be done!

WNYC: Know Your Neighbor

The WNYC’s series “Know Your Neighbor” takes a peak into the lives of your fellow New Yorkers.

New York Magazine: Arrivals

Even in the recession, people want to move to New York. And they are doing it in large numbers.

HOW TO: Move To New York City Sane And Not Broke

Humorous and practical advice on moving to New York City.

Fleeing Artists

An article from Crains New York Business on how many artists are fleeing New York City in such of a realistic and affordable lifestyle.

Living the Starving Artist Life

An article in Gothamist with advice on living the life on an artist in New York.

Elizabeth LeCompte: Wooster Group founder; director; toilet cleaner

Time Out New York asks Elizabeth LeCompte about life in NYC.

thirteen: arts and culture

From thirteen.org, New York's public media site, news, events, programming and reviews on arts and culture in the New York City.

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NYC Department of Consumer Affairs

The Office of Financial Empowerment offers workshops and financial counseling for New York City artists, so they can afford to stay in the city and stay in the arts.

brooklyn spaces: a compendium of brooklyn culture & creativity

Blog chronicling Brooklyn’s best creative and cultural spaces.

NYC Department of Cultural Affairs

The Department of Cultural Affairs offers grants to non-profit cultural institutions, and free art supplies to public school arts education programs through its Materials for the Arts program.

New York Foundation for the Arts – NYFA Learning

Workshops and professional development from the New York Foundation for the Arts.

NYSCA - The Theatre Program

The Theatre Program offers support to professional theatre companies with ongoing production and development programs.

Freelancers Union

Health insurance and other benefits for freelancers and artists in NYC.

LEAP Dance Project

A 9-month professional development program designed to support and build the dance community in Queens.

City Data

Active forum with good advice on relocating to New York City.

Manhattan Users Guide

Daily email with tips, services, reviews, and events. A guide to living and hanging out in Manhattan.

Nonsense New York

They say it best: "Nonsense NYC is a discriminating resource for independent art, weird events, strange happenings, unique parties, and senseless culture in New York City."

Gemini and Scorpio

The on-line home of event producers Gemini and Scorpio, who organize arty, off-beat, sometimes raucous events in NYC.

The Skint

Blog of free and cheap things to do, eat and buy in NYC.

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Creative New York

The Center for an Urban Future's 2005 report "Creative New York" explores the economic contribution of New York's vast creative sector.

Mayor’s Office of Operations: My Neighborhood Statistics

This website provides searchable statistics for all New York City neighborhoods. It lets residence know how City agencies are performing in their neighborhood.

Culture Builds New York: The Economic Impact of Capital Construction at New York City's Cultural Institutions, 2003-2010

When the cultural institutions of a great city are themselves actively building new and expanded facilitates, it marks a high point of civilization. As this 2009 report shows such is the case in New York City now and for the past two decades.

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Have you ever moved to a different city to make your work? What influenced your decision?

  • David Cote said:

    I moved to NYC in 1992 after college to make theater. I’ve been tempted over the years to find a smaller city with a higher standard of living, but can’t bear the thought of leaving New York. Plus, I don’t think I could maintain this dual status of critic/artist in a different city.

    07/07 - 01:20 PM

  • Melissa said:

    I moved from Staten Island to Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2009 (the height of the recession). I moved to be closer my “community” but felt more removed than ever. I spent a year working numerous jobs, dancing hard, and feeling so completely disenchanted with “city life”! After time on Martha’s Vineyard, one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to, I returned to my “city-pastoral” (Staten Island) with no looks back.

    07/20 - 11:45 PM

  • Arlette said:

    Yes, I grew up in Dominican Republic and came here after high school. I come to NY because I wanted to be an artist and here I had all the possibilities to be anything I wanted to be. New York was and still is the center of the art world.

    07/20 - 11:53 PM

  • Line said:

    Yes.  I wanted to immerse myself fully into “the work.” I needed to reinvent myself and the work. I also needed a frame of work, which is often location-based for me.

    07/20 - 11:56 PM

  • Mary said:

    I moved back to St. George in 2011 to paint full time. Within 3 years I was supporting myself on sale of my art. I would never have dared to dream that - so I just did it.

    07/21 - 12:19 AM


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    10/16 - 01:52 AM

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  • What is your earliest memory of New York or another city where you live and work?
  • Is there anything you would change about New York or another city where you live and work?